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X cat reader lemon

18.10.2020 X cat reader lemon

It was a sundown before the meeting BloodClan would have with the forest at fourtrees. Scourge was sneaking into the forest, raising his shoulders. Tigerstar had told him that he could have Tawnypelt as well as the forest if he had agreed to the battle, although he could hardly contain himself from Tawnypelt's sexy body.

Purring in pleasure, he was nearing ShadowClan's territory.

x cat reader lemon

He scented it far. He already noticed the tortoiseshell she-cat walking on the forest grounds with a squirrel in her jaws. Scourge stopped, flicking his tail. What if a ShadowClan warrior noticed her? Snorting, he neared the young she-cat like she was prey, and when she was further from the camp, he pounced upon her. Tawnypelt yowled, her large eyes showing very great fear, her blood-filled squirrel on the ground beside her.

This will be fun for both of us if you just quiet down. Scourge stabbed his claws right on her throat, hissing, "Shut up! The more you struggle, the more I will hurt you. Tigerstar said I could have you if I won the battle. Scourge raised his member, putting it to the she-cat's face. She began licking it, and Scourge began grunting, her soft tongue tickling his member. Don't stop! Scourge moaned, closing his eyes. He began grunting and moaning, slowly taking his member out of Tawnypelt's mouth.

She was scared, but she enjoyed it a bit. Scourge bent down to lick Tawnypelt's nipples, licking all the way down to her core. She moaned a bit. Her core was large for her age. Scourge gagged a bit, but lapped more on her core. Her tail flicked and touched his member. It tickled a bit, so he stopped to shove it deeper into her mouth. Tawnypelt gagged, but began licking and sucking it. Scourge stopped enjoying it for himself. He took his member out of Tawnypelt's mouth and shoved it into her core, going soft and slowly.

Tawnypelt moaned. She was being raped, but she enjoyed it. Scourge began going harder, going faster and his small member easily slipping into Tawnypelt's big core.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Is the reason you left him as simple as you thought? Or is there always more to the story that neither of you wants to confront?

In this business, your past can and will find its way back to you, question is, when that day comes, will you be ready?

x cat reader lemon

Your boyfriend just got home from their world concert tour. He missed you and he want you on bed. I live and work for BTS. This is how my days begin and end. A snippet of how, maybe, life would be like when you live Bangtan. All eight of you stood in the elevator, the typical elevator music on. Anonnymous requested: Hi there! Can I request a drabble no. Jungkook x reader please?

Your eyes? Your hands?. How about your heart? Hope you like it! The night seemed to swallow you. It tortured your sleep, it gnawed at your emotions. It was all about to be over until, you pass him.

Tawnypelt x Scourge Lemon

Locking eyes with you, he knew something was off. Some events are my personal experiences, please do NOT read if you are easily triggered.

This fiction is inspired by the Twenty One Pilots song Anathema. All rights reserved. You and your "friend" didn't see each other for a while Until he came back from tour and decided to pay a visit to bring back familiar feelings. Fear brought them together.Just what happened with this man? You lift him body, which is surprisingly light, and let one of his arm go around your neck.

And with that, you could feel his hot, heavy breathing, which makes you blush. You sneak through the crowded dining hall, and begin your journey to his office. But still, you remain silent as you reach the stair, and begin to climb it up. Your steps echoed in the large corridor, and the only thing in your mind right now is the corporal. Damn him to be so sexy. You open the door with your hand, and close it with your foot.

x cat reader lemon

Then you quicken your pace towards his bed, and finally, gently set him down on the smooth surface. You take off his cloak and his jacket, then fold it neatly and place it on his desk. So you let him be. You raise your hand and gently stroke his black hair, and giggle to yourself. Levi is awake, and he caught your wrist.

His steel blue eyes glared at you coldly, and you panicked. Instead of responding, Levi sits up, and strongly pulls you to his bed. You nod, but you remain still. He had your hands pinned at your side. Your sentence was cut by his soft lips crashing against yours. You wiggle between the kisses, trying to break it. But he is stronger, and he keeps kissing you roughly, but passionately.The chatter in the classroom intensified and you fought the urge to groan when you overheard why.

The girls behind you were not lowering their voices at all and you wanted to turn around and scold them. He did not by any means need more encouragement for his big head.

Even after bracing yourself for his approach, he startled you by slamming his hand down on your desk. You thought your pencil might break in half you were gripping it so hard. Your eyes traveled up his muscular arm to find him towering over you with a smirk on his face.

What exactly did he want? From past experience he only ever showed up when he was planning on annoying you; which was happening more frequently recently. Your grip loosened on the pencil. He was only here to talk about that? He probably just wanted to get some details straight between captains; you knew he took his role rather seriously.

The corners of his lips quirked up and you realized he was definitely planning something. Your eyes narrowed when he leaned toward you; his gaze never leaving yours. You silently cursed your dumb heart for beating furiously against your chest at his proximity. His eyes lit up—pleased that you were interested. He knew you would be; you never backed down from his taunts.

It was part of the reason he was so infatuated with you. A laugh bubbled up from his chest—not exactly what he had in mind, but it would do. For now. He straightened and stuck a hand out. He should probably leave before he gave himself away anymore. On the day of the match, you were sitting with some other members of the girls club outside eating lunch listening to them chat excitedly about the match after school. It was common for the girls club to attend the boys matches to cheer them on and they were eager to get the chance to play against them—yourself included.

x cat reader lemon

You were laughing along with them until you heard a voice directly above you. You tilted your head upwards to find him staring down at you with a devilish grin on his face that ignited your resolve to not be the captain to lose. His words earned him the sight of seeing you playfully stick your tongue out at him while color bloomed on your cheeks.Jayfeather sighed as he padded into his den that night. At least Poppyfrost's kits are alright.

He thought. The blind tom laid down on his nest, hearing the slow breathing of Briarlight. He wanted to go check on her, but he knew she'd be alright. He laid down and smelled a mouse near his nest covered with Lionblaze's scent. Must have brought it to me earlier.

Jayfeather bit into his mouse and purred at the warm scent.

hellz yeah.

He began to think about Poppyfrost and Berrynose. They're so lucky to be together I lost any chance of happiness of having a mate. He sighed and nudged away the mouse and shut his eyes, wanting to get into a dream as fast as he could.

Jayfeather's eyes opened in a beautiful forest and purred at the warm air as it blew against his pelt. He padded around, enjoying his time being able to be a real warrior. A flicker of white came across his sight as he turned around. His heart stopped as a beautiful she-cat padded out of the bushes. Her gentle green eyes and pure white coat.

The cat smiled and padded toward him and nuzzled his flank. He purred happily as he glanced at the beautiful she-cat. He felt his member begin to grow hard as Half Moon purred. Half Moon passed by and tickled his member with her tail. He purred as he turned around. She had laid down on her back, exposing her belly. He walked over and licked her neck fur and began to head down.

She purred happily as he began to reach her belly. He smiled as he skipped her nipples and tickled her tail which was covering her core. She giggled as she moved it and Jayfeather placed his paw into her core and rubbed it as she let out a moan of pleasure. He took his paw out of her core as he began to lick her core. She yowled in pleasure as her breathing grew rapid. As she came, Jayfeather lapped up all the juices Half Moon had given him. He didn't argue and removed his tongue from her.

She went under him and began to lick around his already hard member.Okay so, I've had a few requests for some kits to be involved. I will start out with this chapter, one chapter. If you all could give me an opinion on it than it will tell me whether or not to keep doing them. If you really can't handle it, please skip. This will be a smash of a few requests that don't have a specific clan and filler. Thank you. Dawncrown watched Firekit play with his sister, Blazekit.

The red tom spun around, his tail flicking playfully. Dawncrown closed his blue eyes, trying to settle his thoughts. Stop it, he's just a kit. He scolded himself. Something hit him in the face. He opened his eyes to see a ball of moss laying next to him. Firekit came dashing over. Firekit's green eyes lit.

Firekit nodded and halted. Firekit bounded after the warrior. The brown tom led the fire colored tom out of the camp. Firekit nodded, his breath heavy.

Smile dog x reader

Dawncrown led him to the upper part of the territory, the ground rough. The small cat flopped down, his sides heaving. The kit's green eyes lit again. Firekit replicated it pretty well. Firekit yelped in pain. Firekit was whimpering in pain.

Dawncrown ignored him and pulled out. He moved back in slowly. He continued this until Firekit stopped wailing each time. Firekit moaned. Dawncrown purred at this and pulled out. He nudged Firekit onto his back. He saw the kit's little member was hard. He gave it a lick and pushed back in.

Firekit moaned again.We should have lots of sex. Hey, i am looking for an online sexual partner ; Click on my boobs if you are interested. Okay, so DeviantART had decided to be a total douche bag and took off my lemon fanfiction as it was too mature. Anyways, enjoy. Children, avert your virgin eyes! If you hate sexual stuff, I strongly advise you to click away nowbefore its too late. To bring you your tea! Up and… About…. You finally came to in a dim room, with white candles spilling light over the bedroom.

Aside from candles, small clusters of roses in tiny pots, wardrobe, door, a toilet and Levi snoozing beside you, it seemed relatively normal, until you took a double take and realized that the Corporal was sleeping beside you. Deciding to get up and try to look for more decent clothes, you began your search. Flinging open the wardrobe, you were disappointed to see more night gowns, each more revealing and extravagant than the next. Groaning at this, you decided to check the toilet for something to cover yourself up.

The search proved futile and sighing in resignation, you re-entered the bedroom and laid back down on the bed. Flushing as you realized once again that Levi was with you, and you were almost naked, apart from the night gown which did nothing to cover you, you tugged the bed covers around your body in bid to hide your body from his gaze.

It is true and obvious, except to Levi that you were in love with the short man, and this, no doubt, was flustering you to no end. As he heard your adorable squeaks, Levi felt something stirring within him.

He reciprocated those feelings you had for him, but kept it under wraps for fear of rejection and because of his position in the army ranks.

It sounded a little sultry and you could feel the deep vibrations echo towards your nether regions. You turned around and found your eyes were unable to tear themselves away from his lust filled eyes. Pulling off the covers, Levi straddled your hips, his gaze still locked with yours.

Leaning in, he locked lips with yours. It felt warm, full of love and you shivered slightly as his hands roamed your body.

Chat Noir X Male Reader Lemon Wattpad

Enveloping your nipples with his mouth, Levi began to suck them, flicking his tongue over the buds every now and then. Releasing his hold over your breast, he moved on to the other, circling the bud and listened to your moans, which fuelled his desire. Breathing heavily, you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him close. Pulling down your panties, Levi panted against it, breathing in the smell of your juices. As he made one pattern after the other, you felt something in you getting tighter and tighter and it snapped, your juices spurting forth from your pussy.

Flushing red as Levi licked his lips, you gave a small squeak when he kissed you, while removing his boxers, his hard-on springing free and rubbing your pussy.

Thrusting into your entrance, Levi groaned at the wonderful feeling of your vagina, while you cried out in pain as he broke through your hymen. Pressing his lips against yours to muffle your cries, Levi thrusted at a steady yet hungry pace. Your voice excited him even more, his dick hardening inside of you. The pain subsided after a while and pleasure took over when you felt him slide past a spot that made you moan loudly.

You unable to think of anything else except for Levi. His sweet, musky scent, his sweaty body rubbing against yours, and not to mention, his dick inside you.


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